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Geotalk is hosted and produced by Darren Osborne (Spindoc Bob).

Geotalk contains news about geocaching in Australia, interviews with Australian geocachers, tips on finding geocaches, using your global positioning system (GPS) unit and staying safe while hiking in the bush or searching in the city.


Drop me an email at geotalkpodcast AT gmail DOT com (delete the NOSPAM before sending).

Axis of Evil geocaches

Looking for the Axis of Evil puzzle clues? Head to Episodes 31, 32 and 33.



The Geotalk geocoin is NO LONGER available.

Gold coins will be given to those that assist the podcast by being profiled on the show or regularly contribute audio. You can also go into the running to win a gold coin by leaving a comment on the iTunes website during April-May (Australian and New Zealanders subscribers only).

Australian geocacher have the first opportunity to purchase the silver coins. Listeners from other countries will have an opportunity soon after.

Proceeds from the sale of the coins will go towards the funding of this podcast.

Order your coins by filling in the form below.

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Geotalk discovers which famous Australian has been out geocaching, we get some of your geocaching resolutions for 2014 and we travel to East Cape in New Zealand.

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Geotalk packs its bags, jumps into the car and heads into western New South Wales to go on a four-day geocaching road trip to Broken Hill. 

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Geotalk gets attacked by Sydney's cicadas as we talk about the tenth anniversary of EarthCaching, geocaching in the Blue Mountains and hear a funny story from radionut50 in New Zealand.


You can send in content, questions, feedback to call in on (02) 800 50 436 (+61 2 800 50 436 from NZ), or post it our Facebook page at

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In this episode Geotalk attends the NZ Mega Event in Auckland, uncovers an amazing expedition to China by a group from Melbourne geocachers and we get a geocaching milestone call in from Italy.

You can send in content, questions, feedback to or call in on (02) 800 50 436 (+61 2 800 50 436 from NZ). Also visit our Facebook page at

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In Episode 100 Geotalk learns how to make a Georoadbook, we hear from SeaBreezeOz travelling around Australia and we get an update from the second NZ Mega Event.

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Geotalk gets an update on the next NZ Mega Event and we prepare for a geocaching streak throughout August.

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Upcoming Mega events:

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Geotalk looks at a new type of geocache, we uncover some Geoart geocaches in Australia and speak to former Australian reviewer - The Ump.

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Geotalk says thank you to a long time Australian reviewer, we polish off some challenging NZ cache trails and visit some geocaches with the ANZAC spirit.

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The Garmin Fenix is a cross-over device that is part watch, part fitness GPS and part handheld GPS.

You hear Jeremy's (Noikmeister) review in Episode 96 of the Geotalk podcast or download it as a pdf document (694 kb).

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