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These are challenging times and a good old fashioned motivational video could be a terrific way to start a meeting, event or to get ramped up for a new organizational goal. Try one of these new or classic motivational videos to rev up your workplace.

1. Celebrate What’s Right with all the World – The Dewitt Jones classic could possibly be the best-selling motivational DVD ever and it’s deserving of this position. No one is more passionate than Dewitt along with his enthusiasm will rub off on any audience. Innovation, Creativity and Inspiration are definitely the main points hit on in this program.

2. Do Right: The Master Plan – Lou Holtz shines in this latest from the Do Right series. Lou is funny, poignant and motivational throughout while he exposes his main points – be passionate, use a positive attitude, have focus and become a dreamer.

3. Everest – Climbing Mt. Everest is really a remarkable accomplishment for anybody, but also for Erik Weihenmayer it’s even more complicated – because he’s blind! Follow Erik’s amazing journey up Everest. It’s an inspirational story of teamwork and definately will motivate any workplace to accomplish beyond what they thought was possible.

4. Get on the Right Bus with Mike “Coach K” Krzyzewski – Legendary Duke Coach K Shares his Philosophy of the strength of words, explores the powerful words who have motivated and inspired so many individuals and teams, and encourages you to find the precise worlds that will alter your life and give your team the winning edge.

5. Attitude: Radiating Possibility with Ben Zander – World-renowned conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, Ben Zander encourages all of us to confront our fears and embrace the world of possibilities. Zander is vibrant and enthusiastic as we watch him assist his music students and talk with a corporate audience.

6. Give em the Pickle! – Even though Give em the Pickle is primarily a client service video, I’ve included it about this list mainly because so many employees work together with customers in a few capacity and Bob Farrell’s classic program is merely so darn motivational. In case your audience works together with customers in any capacity, the program is a must have.

7. The Star Thrower Story – Joel Barker’s most classic story has become youtube motivation. This system reminds us that people all are able to really make a difference. As individuals, we could elect to act and participate on the planet around us. Together, we could shape the near future.

8. Lessons From Geese – You wouldn’t think a 2 minute video of flying ofxqzv could be so motivational and inspiring but somehow it is. Within 2 minutes it teaches five key lessons about as being a team player and winning as a team. It can lift the mood and assist you to develop commitment to peak performance, both within individuals and throughout teams.

9. Extraordinary – This new 3 minute meeting opener has become one of the better-selling meeting openers on the market. The program asks the questions. Why not have passion in whatever you do? Why not really courageous? Why not have access to a positive attitude? Why not find beauty in everything? Why not really a frontrunner? A coach? A mentor? Why not do something you’ve never done before? Why not dream big? Why not have access to conviction, character, value? Why not attack every problem with determination? Why not believe in yourself?

10. The Fantastic Minds Series – Inspiring quotes from a number of history’s greatest minds set to dramatic music and in conjunction with classic footage. Let the likes of Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King inspire you, inspire you and show you through their own words, pictures and video.

There are plenty of great programs on the market that it’s tough to pick just 10. If you have any other suggestions or comments, please inform me!