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Putting Health at the Top (PHATT) is a weight loss program like no other. We, the founders, think that health should not only be affordable to the wealthy – but to everyone. Bearing that in mind we have worked tirelessly not only to make this program affordable and achievable, but in addition something that will educate you on how to live healthily for the rest of your life, and keep your excess fat off for good!

The crux of the program is Gut Health. We eat specific foods carefully chosen to rest and repair the lining of your own gut, and we keep the body with excellent nutrition for sustainable health.

Nutrition is very important for many different reasons, including sustaining levels of energy, Phatt Diet, supporting your body’s other organs like the liver, and keeping the skin healthy and retaining the elasticity during your weight reduction.

The great thing? There are NO SHAKES! You may be eating real food the whole way through – and you will definitely not doing it alone! Our individual mentorship program is first rate, and in case that’s not enough… we also have an online support selection of 100,000 people and counting where one can share your stories, gain knowledge from others, and gain additional support.

The program can be carried out by anyone – whether you have to lose 5kg or 50kg you will find a home to suit your needs here. Typically our customers experience a 10%-15% weight drop within the first 1 month of the program… if you weigh 90kg you are likely to lose 9-13kg easily!…. And in order to lose more, you merely repeat the process until you have reached your goal… and then you’re done!

Our persistence for you is that we will carry on and keep this program affordable, we are going to continue to work alongside our mentors along with our Accredited Practicing Dietitian/Clinical Nutritionist (DAA, APD) to deliver the best quality weight loss regime possible, and we will work tirelessly to provide Health, Wealth and Decision to all.

This method typically can last for 27 days, however depending on how your system responds there is a solution to extend Step 2 for the additional 10 days.

This is the detox and weight-loss step, as well as your meals will likely be mfcmsq restricted. It is as soon as your body will start to change because of burning fat, and very importantly your hormones will quickly balance. There is an easy to understand meal plan, and then for a person with dietary requirements a listing of approved foods can also be provided.

The nutritional supplements are imperative in this step since they sustain your power levels and curb your appetite (together with their other roles). As Step Two is alow calorie step it must not be attempted with no nutritional support. Many additional improvements you are likely to see during Step Two include, however are not limited to, an increased mental clarity, higher stamina, mood stabilisation, a lowering of inflammation inside your body, as well as a higher metabolism.